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Katherine Roberts

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner
Lip Injection Specialist located in
Charlotte, North Carolina


At FEMME my philosophy is focused on the long term aesthetic achievements of my patients. So one day we can look back in awe of how gracefully you aged. I don't believe in bandaid approach or trendy treatments.
I am a medical professional that will provide a thorough full facial assessment to create a tailored aesthetic plan individually for you. When I advise my patients something I advise it with their best interest, even if that is for a treatment I do not provide.
Aesthetic Medicine should be about providing quality treatments to show the world the best version of you and that takes time.
I strive to educate my patients as much as possible, so they can be well informed on what is best for them and why. 

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1110 Morningside Drive
Charlotte, NC 28205

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Lip Filler, Lip Flip, cheek filler, tear trough filler, botox, dysport, aqua gold, kybella

1110 Morningside Drive
Charlotte, NC 28205

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