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Lip Filler

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I have been to so many providers in the Charlotte, NC area and NEVER gotten the results you have given me. You are the best at lip filler in Charlotte.

- Beverly

The Aesthetic Difference

It's all about balance

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Lip filler is an aesthetic journey that requires patience, realistic expectations and a strong relationship with you and your injector, it is a lot more dedication and time than most expect. To achieve a beautifully natural pout it's important to remember that it is a marathon and not a race. There are many components that go into creating beautiful lips, and not sticking with your injectors rules can cause results you don't want. Lip rehabs are some of my most common work where I consult with patients on what they need and explain to them the why. Then we dissolve the old filler that was placed by another injector and start fresh so I can give them the beautiful lips they have always wanted. 


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How long does lip filler last?

Lip Filler longevity depends on your metabolism as well as lip goals. We consult on your lip goals as far as shape and size, patients typically achieve ultimate results in 2 sessions, and their results last over a year. At the year mark, patients return for a top up session. 

what is the pricing of lip filler?

Lip Filler is $750 for the initial session instead of per syringe. Every lip is different and has different needs. Charging by session creates better outcomes for the patient instead of charging by syringe.

Consultations are required prior to booking any aesthetic treatment to determine what treatments are needed for you specifically. Everyones aesthetic journey is different, so will your treatment plan.
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